Gate to Pay Standard Pre-Paid Mastercard

Gate to Pay offers a Pre-Paid Mastercard that equips you with a flexible payment tool allowing you to perform both online & offline transactions, without the need of opening a bank account. Along with the mobile application which allows you to monitor and control your card.

You can use your Pre-Paid Mastercard through several channels including:
  • Cash withdrawal via ATM anywhere globally
  • Purchase through Point of Sale (POS) machines anywhere globally
  • Ability to use the card for online shopping

Gate to Pay Mobile Application

Download the Gate to Pay application to benefit from the following:
  • Checking balances and card's details, in addition to transactions details with different display options
  • Easy to use and navigate through application menus and log in with biometrics (depending on your mobile device type)
  • Bills payment through your card via eFAWATEERcom
  • International transfer: directly from your mobile app, send and receive any domestic or local transaction through global networks such as MoneyGram, with just a click!
  • E-vouchers : buy your favorite pre-paid cards, including top seller cards, from iTunes, XBOX, PNS, Amazon, and many more, from our online e-vouchers store.
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