Cash Disbursement Solution - Expense Management Solution

For Internal & External Stakeholders

The Cash Disbursement Solution empowers entities and businesses of all sizes, manners, and sectors, to instantly and digitally disburse money to all different types of beneficiaries.

  • Corporate Expenses
  • Supplier Expenses
  • Beneficiary Funds
  • Employee Payroll/ Incentives

Clients Solution

Connecting Entities With Clients

Full client overview and management Instant payment receival and reconciliation Client behavioral analysis

Instant account funding Instant payment settlements Closed & open loop transactions

Distributers Solution

The Distributers Solution aims to facilitate payments through covering all three main partners within the distribution cycle:s

  • Instant revenue collection/ reconciliation
  • Digital tracking of the full distribution cashflow
Distributer/ Agent
  • Secure digital collection
  • Agent commission modules – instant commission redemption
End User/ Merchant/ Consumer
  • Instant digital payments
  • Digital history management

The Distributers Solution allows instant cross-party payments, allowing instant reconciliation and enhanced debt collection.